Fyre: News

9 October 2006 - 1.0.1 Released

Wow, it's been a while! This release sports several improvements: a beautiful new icon, some performance increases, a more robust oversampling method, and other bug fixes. New Icon

14 May 2005 - More cool stuff

Now that you're all finished ogling at quartz composer, you can ogle at the progress on fyre 2.0! We spent the last couple months starting work on the pipeline editor, using a class project as an excuse. Pipeline Editor

This screenshot shows the basic process through which algorithms will be built. These algorithms will then be compiled, and the interface for running one will look very much like the fyre you know and love. New elements are created via a simple drag-and-drop mechanism, Eventually this will show which connections have valid type connections, as well as be able to make intelligent decisions about what can be parallelized across a cluster.

3 May 2005 - Cool stuff

For those of you who are still confused about what fyre2 is going to be all about, you may want to look at Apple's new Quartz Composer application. This is, in a general sense, what we're aiming for -- a visual language that lets you build new algorithms for fyre. I haven't actually tried it, since I don't use Apple stuff personally, but it's cool to see that we're not the only ones who think this is a good idea :)

1 May 2005 - Another package

Curtis S. Netterville contributed a x86_64 fedora package for y'all. Thanks Curtis!

15 March 2005 - Future Plans

We've started to think seriously about where we go from here. A short discussion on how 2.0 will be different has been started here.

03 March 2005 - More Packaging

Fedora users rejoice, for we now have RPMs! Thanks Mirco!

24 February 2005 - Packaging

Thanks to Christoph Haas, we've got a debian package now. It'll be a little bit until it's fetchable through apt, but until then, you can grab it here. Thanks Christoph!

19 February 2005 - 1.0.0 released

It's finally here! Sporting a flashy new "go" menu for browsing image history, a new quality metric for rendering better animations faster and a small mountain of bugfixes, 1.0.0 is ready. At this point, the 1.0 branch is being considered feature complete, but there are big plans for 2.0, which we'll be writing about soon. The new Go menu

07 February 2005 - 0.9 released

Hot on the heels of 0.8 comes 0.9. Most notably this release includes GUI improvements, automatic cluster discovery, and bug fixes. We're also producing Windows binaries once again, now that the build system makes that much easier. Fyre 0.9 is available as:

31 January 2005 - Spiraling Shape
Spiraling Shape thumbnail

If you haven't seen Fyre's animation capabilities in action yet, here's your chance. The first entry in an online video gallery is online. Spiraling Shape is a simple but elegant transition between spirals. Grab the Low Quality AVI (891 KB, 0:34) or the High Quality AVI. (12 MB, 0:34) If you want to open it in Fyre's animation editor, grab the gzipped .fa file (82 KB) and feel free to experiment.

Remember that Fyre's animation renderer writes uncompressed AVI files. You'll need a tool like mencoder to compress them with your favorite codec, since the original files are huge and not widely supported.

27 January 2005 - 0.8 released

This release fixes all of the known non-windows bugs. Get it now!

02 January 2005 - 0.7 released

Well, it's real soon now. All these new features are now available in Fyre 0.7. Windows builds at 11...

12 December 2004 - Gallery updated, new release soon

The image gallery has been updated, and we have a separate gallery now for screenshots. There are lots of cool new features in the Subversion repository that should find their way into a release quite soon now: cluster support, UI improvements, OpenEXR exporting, and more.

05 August 2004 - Fyre released for Windows

In preparation for our trip to SIGGRAPH to show off Fyre, I figured it could be useful to be able to run Fyre under windows. So, thanks to the spiffy portability of Gtk and all the other libraries Fyre is based on, this went pretty quickly. If you haven't been able to try Fyre yet due to lack of Linux, now's your chance to grab the installer and give it a try.

11 July 2004 - 0.6 released

First release under the new name, with a slew of new features. Get it now at your friendly neighborhood releases directory.

09 March 2004 - New name

Previously known as the "de Jong Explorer", Fyre is now named Fyre. Why the name 'Fyre'? Because it wasn't taken yet.